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    I'm Chuck. I love music, wine, traveling the world and taking pictures of beautiful people with flair. I have traveled to 18 countries; fell in love with Italy and Greece along the way, and during my travels I have come to realize that I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. That doesn't mean I have stopped traveling. I like to think I am a resident of the world and whether I am traveling somewhere for a vacation or to shoot a wedding I get excited for each adventure.

    I was born and raised on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, minus a stay on the mainland to attend The Vancouver Film School. This is where I developed my eye for taking pictures of people and lighting. I am romantic and passionate about life and I like to think it is reflected in all the photos I take - both personal and professional. Since 2004 I have shot over 100 weddings, and I am amazed at how it never gets repetitive. I always enjoy forming new relationships with new couples that last beyond the wedding day.

    This blog is a way for me to share my latest engagement, wedding and lifestyle sessions, as well as some of my personal work, tips, tricks and stories.

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Krista and David had a wonderfully fun wedding at Tigh-Na-Mara. Following the ceremony I took them to Rathtrevor to capture the incredible couple and location. I also had a blast running the photo booth during their cocktail hour.

Congratulations you two!


Ceremony and Reception Venue – Tigh-Na-Mara Resort and Spa

Live Music – The Eggmen

Marriage Commissioner – Traudy Chinneck

Floral – Costco DIY

Hair and Make-up – The Grotta Spa

Grooms Clothing – Harry Rosen, Vancouver

Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0001Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0002Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0003Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0004Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0005Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0006Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0007Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0008Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0009Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0010Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0011Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0012Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0013Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0014Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0015Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0016Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0017Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0018Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0019Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0020Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0021Small Tigh-na-mara wedding_0022

Rebecca and Tomas had a beautiful ceremony in her parents backyard followed by the party of the century at The Bayside Inn. I did a lot of grooving on the packed dance floor trying to blend in so I could get loads of photos of their guests having an amazing time. Enjoy the pics and congrats to Rebecca and Tomas!

Be sure to check out the slideshow and listen to their heartfelt vows!


Ceremony Venue – Backyard in Parksville

Reception Venue – Bayside Quality Inn

Wedding Dress – Bliss Gowns and Events

Cake – Coastal Cake Company

Caterer – Bayside Quality Inn

Celebrant – Jane Good

Floral – Petal and Kettle

Second Shooter / Assistant – Jim Holland


Parksville Wedding Photographer_0001Parksville Wedding Photographer_0002Parksville Wedding Photographer_0003Parksville Wedding Photographer_0004Parksville Wedding Photographer_0005Parksville Wedding Photographer_0006Parksville Wedding Photographer_0007Parksville Wedding Photographer_0008Parksville Wedding Photographer_0009Parksville Wedding Photographer_0010Parksville Wedding Photographer_0011Parksville Wedding Photographer_0012Parksville Wedding Photographer_0013Parksville Wedding Photographer_0014Parksville Wedding Photographer_0015Parksville Wedding Photographer_0016Parksville Wedding Photographer_0017Parksville Wedding Photographer_0018Parksville Wedding Photographer_0019Parksville Wedding Photographer_0020Parksville Wedding Photographer_0021Parksville Wedding Photographer_0022Parksville Wedding Photographer_0023Parksville Wedding Photographer_0024Parksville Wedding Photographer_0025Parksville Wedding Photographer_0026Parksville Wedding Photographer_0027Parksville Wedding Photographer_0028


  • Rainer - What a fabulous ceremony and the photos are incredible to capture the mood and celebration. I particularly like the close to ground photo up the Isle seating guests either side.
    Nice job!ReplyCancel

Craig and Julie were married at The Beach Club Resort in Parksville this past June. The day had a little bit of everything that makes it fun to be a photographer — a bride and groom getting ready in adjacent rooms, a first look, their two sweet girls as flower girls, a visit Morningstar Farms, a train trestle, and a super stylish couple.

Enjoy this peak into their day.


Day of Wedding Coordinators – Chanel and Karen from Sublime Celebrations

DJ – Drop the Needle Entertainment

Wedding Dress – Truvelle Eden Dress (White Peony)

Grooms Clothing – Indochino

Wedding Cake – Coastal Cake Company

Ceremony Venue / Reception Venue and Caterer – The Beach Club Resort

Marriage Comissionar – Joanne Pitzel

Floral – Petal & Kettle

Second Shooter / Assistant – Jon-Mark Wiltshire

Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0001Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0002Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0003Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0004Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0005Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0006Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0007Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0008Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0009Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0010Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0011Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0012Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0013Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0014Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0015Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0016Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0017Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0018Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0019Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0020Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0021Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0022Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0023Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0024Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0025Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0026Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0027Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0028Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0029Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0030Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0031Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0032Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0033Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0034Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0035Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0036Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0037Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0038Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0039Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0040Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0041Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0042Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0043Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0044Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0045Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0046Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0047Beach Club Resort Wedding in Parksville_0048

I kicked off summer 2016 with Janet and Jeff’s beautiful day on Gabriola Island. (The Dragon’s Lodge is one of my favourite venues for many reasons. You can see my feature here on why I love it so much!)

As with most Dragon’s Lodge Weddings, Janet and Jeff arrived on Thursday with some family and friends where they enjoyed the 2 days leading up to their big day. I caught the ferry Saturday morning and entered a room full of jovial boys. I don’t think I’ve ever described the groom and his entourage that way, but I think it fits well here as the photos may show. Just a few doors down the hall we met up with Janet, who looked stunning while waiting for us. We grabbed a few quick shots of her before the much anticipated walk down the aisle.

I was so thankful to see the weather turn from rain to sunshine and pretty puffy clouds by the time their ceremony started. It was even clear enough to see some of the buildings across the water by UBC.

Following the ceremony and family photos we made our way to a great tunnel of trees with the wedding party and finally Malaspina Galleries with just Janet and Jeff. It was hard not to want to spend longer than we had exploring these great locations.

Congratulations Janet and Jeff!



Bridal Gown – Embrace Bridal

Caterer / Wedding Cake –  Robert’s Place

Marriage Commissioner – Carol Baird

Ceremony Musician – Leah Hokanson

Florist – Turleys Florist

Hair – Tinson Point Cuts

Makeup – DIY

Grooms Clothing – Moores

Photographer’s Assistant – Brea Forell
DragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonDragonGabriola Island Wedding Nanaimo Wedding PhotographerGabriola Island Wedding Nanaimo Wedding PhotographerGabriola Island Wedding Nanaimo Wedding PhotographerGabriola Island Wedding Nanaimo Wedding PhotographerGabriola Island Wedding Nanaimo Wedding PhotographerGabriola Island Wedding Nanaimo Wedding PhotographerGabriola Island Wedding Nanaimo Wedding PhotographerGabriola Island Wedding Nanaimo Wedding PhotographerDragon

Kohle and Brody snuck off to Ucluelet for an intimate elopement with only a few family members this past May. Luckily Brody had been working out there so he knew where the perfect secluded location was for their ceremony.

We had a ton of fun exploring Ucluth Beach and Big Beach after their ceremony celebrating their commitment to one another.

Ucluelet Elopement_0001

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Ucluelet Elopement_0010

Ucluelet Elopement_0011

Ucluelet Elopement_0012

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

Ucluelet Elopement_0018

Big Beach Ucluelet Elopement Wedding

Big Beach Ucluelet Elopement Wedding

Ucluelet Elopement_0022

Uclutch Beach Ucluelet Elopement

  • Wes Lazaroff - These beautiful photos not only capture the moment, they capture the great joy and love of the moment. Incredible memories to hold on to forever. Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Kate DeWitt - You look so beautiful Kohle. Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures.ReplyCancel